At Hope Church we put a high value on prayer, both personally and corporately. We meet to pray each Sunday at 9.50am before our main service, and at 8.00pm on alternate Wednesdays at the church building. We also run midweek Connect groups where we spend time together and often pray for one another.

Prayer isn’t a magical formula for getting what we want, and it isn’t reserved for certain people, or for special times or places. Prayer is talking to God.

We believe that God created everyone to be in relationship with him, and that he loves to hear from each one of us as often as possible. Just like you might talk to a close family member, so we have the privilege of talking to God. You don’t even need to be a Christian. God has made himself known to many who have reached out to him with an open heart.

We would love to welcome you at one of our prayer meetings!