HYPe! (youth)

Young people from year 6 – 9 now have their own meetings! Whoop whoop!

On a Sunday all HYPe! aged young people will serve in church, mainly in Kidz church and Sparklers, or remain in the adult meeting after worship.

There will be a midweek meeting for HYPe! young people to attend that is in a relaxed and social setting for them to spend time together. There is likely to be a ‘God-slot’ to these meetings that will focus on an issue or topic that relates to their lives in a relevant way offering a Christian perspective. These meetings will be held in church members and leaders homes; either on a Tuesday or Thursday; from 6.30 – 8pm.

If you would like more details please speak to Sarah Mosedale or email: info@hopechurchtonbridge.org.

In addition to this there are also socials planned monthly that will help build relationships together. Activities will range from chilling out in ‘The Attic’ to going out for bowling or pizza!

We will also be looking to develop a YP midweek for any young people who join us who are year 10 and up.