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We are pleased to announce that from Sunday 24th of May 2020, we will be hosting church online via our YouTube Channel ‘Hope Church Tonbridge‘. To join us click on the one of the links below.  Subtitles are available by clicking on the ‘captions’ icon. The videos will be available from 10:30 each Sunday morning. After the service, the talks will be published in the section below.

Video talks

29th August 2021: Exodus 15

15th August 2021: From Ship to Shore

8th August 2021: The book of Esther

1st August 2021: Spiritual Gifts Not Super Powers

25th July 2021:Ephesians 3 – A prayer for spiritual strength.

18th July 2021: Acts 8 – The Gospel message. Baptism Water & Spirit

4th July 2021: Whole or half hearted?

27th June 2021: The Big Picture

20th June 2021: Father’s Day. A look at our Father’s love for us.

13th June 2021: The Parable Of The Talents’

6th June 2021: Sharing the Gospel

23rd May 2021: Family values

16th May 2021: Testimonies from Sue Souch and Paul Clark.

9th May 2021: Guest speaker Jazz Potter looks at Jonah

2nd May 2021: Mark 13:1-23 ‘Cycling is not all downhill.’

25th April 2021: Living a naturally supernatural life.

18th April 2021: The Way Of The Exile

11th April 2021: Mark 10:17-31 – The Rich Young Ruler

4th April 2021: Easter Family Service

28th March 2021: Mark 14, The Last Supper.

21st March 2021: Mark 9:2-12 The Transfiguration of Jesus

14th March 2021: Mark 8: 27 to end: Confessing Jesus as the Christ.

7th March 2021: Mark 6:45-52: Jesus walks on water.

28th February 2021: Mark 5:21-43; A dead girl and a sick woman.

21st February 2021: Mark 4:35-41; Faith Not Fear.

14th February 2021: Mark 3:1-6: The man with a withered hand.

7th February 2o21: Mark 1:21-45: Jesus heals a man with an unclean spirit.

31st January 2021: What’s My Part?; Time, Talents and Treasure

24th January 2021: .What is the culture of our church

17th January 2021: Why Church Is Brilliant.

10th January 2021:  Who we are and what we do as a church.

3rd January 2021: A look back at 2020 and a look at the plans for 2021.

20th December 2020: Two services today, our Christmas Family Service at 10:30 and our Christmas Carol Service at 18:00

13th December 2020: Guest Speaker Jazz Potter

6th December 2020: Psalm 68

29th November 2020: Psalm 109

22nd November 2020: Psalm 46

15th November 2020: Psalm 37

8th November 2020: Remembrance Sunday 

1st November 2020: Psalm 121

25th October 2020: Psalm 23

18th October 2020: Psalm 1

11th October 2020: Psalm 91

4th October 2020: Psalm 103

27th September 2020: Psalm 73

20th September 2020:  Catalyst Festival.

13th September 2020: Psalm 84 

6th September 2020: Philippians.

30th August 2020: Psalm 20

23rd August 2020: The Gift Of Prophecy

16th August 2020: The Good Samaritan

9th August 2020: Do whatever He tells you

2nd August 2020: No Need to Worry

26th July 2020: Sharing the Gospel

19th July 2020: Sharing the Gospel

12th July 2020: Sharing the Gospel

5th July 2o2o: Surrender to Love

28th June 2o2o: The Water of Life

21st June 2o2o: – Ray Lowe -guest speaker

14th June 2o2o: Having a thankful heart

7th June 2020:  ‘The Secret Of The Kingdom’

31st May 2020: Joshua 24

24th May 2020: Joshua 22 & 23.

17th May 2020: Joshua 15-17

10th May 2020: Joshua 14 

3rd May 2020: Joshua 11

26th April 2020: Joshua 10.

19th April 2020: Joshua 9

16th April 2020: ‘The Resurrection. Why does it matter?’

5th April 2020: Joshua 7 & 8

29th March 2020: Joshua 6.

22nd March 2020:  Joshua 5.

15th March 2020 :  Joshua 4.


Catch up on the talks from our Sunday meetings

Here you will find some of our Sunday morning messages, with the most recent at the top. These include sermons from guest speakers in Regions Beyond, along with messages from those within our church.  Messages may be omitted when commercial teaching content is used or contains personal content that is not applicable to be shared.