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Juvenile Arthritis Research (JAR)

Juvenile Arthritis Research (JAR)

In January 2018, Richard Beesley – a member of Hope Church Tonbridge – stepped out in faith and founded Juvenile Arthritis Research (the JAR Project).

The JAR Project has three aims:

  1. To find a cure for juvenile idiopathic arthritis, a painful and debilitating autoimmune condition where the body’s natural defences attack the joints. Around 1 in 1000 children has the condition, with around 20 children diagnosed each week across the UK.
  2. Raising awareness that children and young people get arthritis. The JAR Project has been developing the #ThinkJIA campaign to help make healthcare professionals and parents aware of the condition, because better awareness leads to faster diagnosis and improved outcomes.
  3. Supporting families of children with arthritis. They do this at the point that children and young people are diagnosed with juvenile arthritis through their A Little Box Of Hope programme. They also support children with arthritis who are struggling, for example with the regular injections, blood tests, or difficult physiotherapy, through Kipo’s Heroes – a scheme to encourage, support and motivate children and young people.

You can find out more at and donate at