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What is Catalyst?

Catalyst is a movement of churches raising world-changers.

With its roots in Newfrontiers, we are a movement of churches connected together through relationship, served by a number of apostolic teams, who aim to equip churches to raise pioneering disciples that see God’s kingdom fill the earth.

Though there isn’t a blueprint for all Catalyst churches you find that they share the same vision and characteristics, though these are worked out differently in each church’s unique setting. The vision is clear to reveal and bring Jesus and His Kingdom to every environment in this nation and the nations. Catalyst churches are characterised by firstly the strength of our relationships with God and one another. Secondly, the valuing of our different gifts understanding as we come together we add to the whole of who we are. Finally a deep commitment to work together to reveal the wonder of who Jesus is.

We stay connected on a micro and macro scale. On a micro scale, we gather together church leadership teams for prayer, encouragement and connection in multiple numbers of HUBs. These are made up of differing numbers of churches connected relationally and served by apostolic teams who lead these HUBs. On a macro scale, we gather all Catalyst church leadership teams for prayer, connection, teaching and sharing a couple of times a year. We also gather all our churches bi-annually for our festival celebrating who we are and who we can be.
More than that we believe churches themselves should be connected together and so we encourage our churches to be so – sending prayers, finance, teams and support to and for one another both here in the UK and overseas.

We use these opportunities and events to help build family as a wider church; drawing on each other’s strengths, gifting, teachings and testimonies to challenge and encourage each of us to see God’s Kingdom fill the earth.

Catalyst Festival

The Catalyst Festival is all about gathering, loving God and mission — empowering us to make a difference in our workplaces, communities and nations. We believe God has called us to be a blessing in every part of our society, using our skills and passions for the common good. And we also believe God has called us to take the good news of Jesus Christ to the UK and the nations of the world.

So every two years our network of churches gather together to worship Jesus, hear from the Bible, enjoy one another’s gifts, and get caught up in the bigger picture of what God’s doing.

Take a look at all the different tabs just below this section for all the information about the Festival – if there’s anything you’re still not sure about, just drop us an email on and we’ll be happy to help out! Bookings for the 2020 Festival are now open!

To watch and download the promo video click here.